Whether you have MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, we understand that you want it fixed as soon as possible. At ABMCare, we provide our customers with high-quality repair services.

Apple certified repairs are usually performed by professional experts who use genuine Apple parts only. These repairs are backed by Apple. You can either send your product to Apple or find an Apple authorized service provider.

There are many ways that indicate if you need any iMac repair. Your device starts to:

  • drain of its battery quickly throughout the day
  • needs to be charged more frequently
  • run slower than usual even though it has a good storage capacity

Macbooks start giving problems after getting old, and MacBook problems are faced. The cost of repair varies depending on the age of the device, its type, model and the overall damage done to the device.

  • Battery replacement

All MacBook batteries are replaceable. Your MacBook battery can be replaced for a certain service fee. Your warranty does not include batteries that wear out from normal use. You can have a battery replacement without any additional cost if the device is still under warranty. AppleCare+ is an option that includes battery service coverage. Its duration is three years of technical support. If you have AppleCare+ and the battery of the product holds less than 80% of its original capacity, you can have a battery replacement with no additional charges.

AppleCare+ also offers coverage for accidental damage from handling. Each incident is bound by a certain service fee.

  • MacBook Liquid/Water Damage Repair

Water can sometimes damage the internal components of Mac devices. ABMCARE MacBook Repair in Dubai provides services that can fix the issue immediately through experienced Apple Certified Technicians.

  • MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Professional team is there when issues arise with the keyboard. The technicians will examine the keyboard and their repair may involve replacing the whole keyboard. This depends on the type of service and the availability of the replacement parts at the center. This service is available for selected items only.

  • MacBook Fan Replacement

Sometimes, the fan of the MacBook makes noises while you are using the device for a long period of time and other times, it might stop functioning altogether.

  • MacBook Screen or LCD Replacement

In case you want a screen replacement, MacBook Repair Dubai can be your ultimate guide. You can book with MacBook pro repair Dubai technicians. You are offered screen protectors, in addition to period maintenance facility.

  • Failed hardware or software

If your MacOS is giving you hard time, ABMCARE experts can run diagnostics to determine what is going wrong.

You have to take into consideration that hardware services may no longer be available for specific older products.

Worried about quality? Our MacBook repair experts can get your device back up and running smoothly. Book a appointment for repair service now or you can mail us at service@abmcare.com.