Broken screen on your iPhone? When it comes to repairing iPhone, going after Apple-certified technicians and genuine parts is a must for better quality results.

Like any high-quality technology product, Apple devices are not cheap. That is why it is very important to look after them. Apple has created its own global network of Apple authorized service providers who ensure that the service provided aligns with Apple’s high standards.

Customers usually visit specialized repair providers with experts and certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts. It is the most consistent and safest way to get a repair.

Sometimes, iPhone users outside their warranty might turn to cheaper alternatives or non-genuine parts. This could leave them with more problems than they solve. Anything that is not genuine might affect the functionality and the safety of the device such as overheating or battery damage. Bad repairs in general can cost you more in the long run.

The most popular iPhone replacement parts are displays, rear cameras and batteries.

If the service provider uses nongenuine parts, the following malfunctions and problems might occur:

  • Multi-Touch issues- poor touch detection and unresponsive tapping
  • Multi-Touch may not respond on some parts of the screen. Face ID sensor stops functioning properly.
  • Touches might not register in the right location or might register during a phone call.
  • Display brightness and color issues
  • True Tone display might not operate properly.
  • The screen might dim or brighten incorrectly due to lost or degraded function of the light sensor. This could damage other parts of the phone.
  • The display might appear too blue or yellow, causing incorrect color calibration.
  • Copy screens have very low brightness, contrast and vibrancy than the original ones. they are rougher to use and has a very low resolution.
  • Warranty issues

Using non-genuine parts at non-certified third-party shops can void all of the warranties you have on your iPhone. Your device might become ineligible for service in Apple authorized service locations.

Users nowadays can check using their settings their “iPhone parts and service history”. With iOS 15.2 and later, they can detect if their phone contains ‘non-genuine parts’. A warning symbol with the words “Unknown part” will be displayed. If the service was done using genuine parts and processes, “Genuine Apple Part” emerges next to the part.

The only way to make sure you are using original parts is to always approach Apple and its authorized service providers. Contact us at for any iPhone repair. Using counterfeit parts is a waste of money! Use it wisely!