Apple products aim to provide technology that lasts, which is why they are designed to be durable, so they minimize the need for maintenance or repair. However, when the device needs repair, having a certified technician is the smart thing to do. Continue reading this blog to understand the significance of getting your iPhone repaired by experts in the UAE.

Get your iPhone Repaired by A Certified Technician

For most Apple product customers, visiting an authorized service repair provider with certified technicians is the safest and most reliable way to get a repair. Repairs performed by untrained individuals who use non-genuine parts negatively affect the performance of the device and the functionality of the display. We believe that customers should have access to reliable and safe service and repairs that don’t compromise the privacy, security, or functionality of their devices. That is why, for an iPhone repair to be done correctly, it should be performed by skilled and trained professionals using genuine Apple parts that are engineered for quality and safety.

Skills and expertise

Every technician in any Apple Authorized Service Center goes through hours of training and certification courses, so they have the required expertise to repair products in the right way. They are able to diagnose issues and perform the requested repair processes in a way that meets Apple safety and quality standards. Whenever a new product, a new iPhone, is introduced, these technicians are required to take additional training and certification courses before they perform the repair on the new iPhone. This ensures the best quality because they are aware of the product in their hands and will work with it in a professional way instead of guessing which way is best to repair it.

Customer satisfaction

Certified technicians will be of great help in giving advice on what to do in the future in order to prevent the same problem from happening again. They might suggest keeping your product protected or handled in a specific way so your device can function normally without any issues.

ABMCARE’s service technicians are dedicated to service excellence and consistently rank high in customer satisfaction. Their high service quality positively impacts our retained customers and attracts new ones.

Genuine parts

Apple displays are intended to fit precisely within the device. It is engineered with the iOS software for optimal quality and performance. In addition, any repair that doesn’t properly replace screws might leave behind loose parts that might damage the battery, result in injury, or cause overheating.

Using genuine parts will prevent any compatibility or performance issues. ABMCARE, an Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP), uses only genuine Apple parts in a repair. Each Apple part used in the repair is designed to meet the same high safety and quality standards as parts that are used in a new product. It requires the technicians to use these genuine parts so the customer’s product can get back to working exactly the way it should. This increases the quality and longevity of the product.


Any repair done by an Apple Authorised Service Provider is backed by an Apple repair warranty. This also makes the customer comfortable visiting an Apple Authorized Service Center. It is more costly to try and have your repair done by an unauthorized technician because once you do that, you mess up with your warranty agreement and then you have to pay more money. Even if your problem repair is solved temporarily, a future problem might arise that you won’t be able to repair. You will not be able to take advantage of the warranty coverage provided by Apple.

What happens when using non-genuine parts?

If a service provider uses nongenuine parts, some problems might arise, including:

Multi-Touch issues:

  • Multi-Touch might not respond on some parts of the screen.
  • Touches might accidentally register during a phone call or might register in the wrong location.
  • The display might not turn off during a phone call.

Display brightness and color issues:

  • The screen might turn dim or brighten incorrectly.
  • The true-tone display might not function properly.
  • Flickering or color tone issues might happen.

Depending on your location, you can get your Apple product repaired by visiting one of our Apple Authorised Service Centers.

Your Apple product deserves the best! Make sure your device is treated with precision and attention to detail for fast and reliable repairs. Trust our experts with your device!